The 2014 Fellows Program Admissions Process

Following a long and fascinating process, 32 Fellows were accepted to become part of the 2014 cohort. With more than 430 applications, most of whom were of an extremely high caliber in terms of skills and experience, the challenge of selecting a final group was challenging for the admissions team.

Of the original 430, 90 candidates were invited to take part in the evaluation days that were held at The Diaspora Museum. Assisting the staff in the various evaluation activities were Fellows from the 2013 program, alumni and a number of Friends of MAOZ who were carefully selected for the task. This year we also added a station, for evaluating the candidates’ English level.

The entire admissions process is comprised of 5 stages: an initial application form, submitting a project presentation, evaluation day, reference checking and finally an interview with the admissions committee.

The admissions process is built with the highest professional standards in mind, constantly being refined and improved, all to make sure we accept the best possible people to the program and take into account the desired diversity within the group. For the evaluators, the exposure to the candidates’ passion, social endeavors and sense of mission they have towards the country, is always an overwhelming experience and a great privilege.

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