Investors and Partners

Board Members

(Jeff Swartz (Chairman
Yacov Berger
Yodfat Harel Buchris
Issac Devash
Doron Livnat
Doron Latzer
Orna Barbivai
Debbie Swartz
Scott Tobin
Eli Palei
Aiman Saif
Michal Cohen


Dr. Yair Schindel
Yotam Dagan

Erez Ofer
Ben Abram
Pamela and Meir Ukeles
Jeff Kupietzky
Rafi Musher
Ilan Rubinstein
Barbara Hellen and Phil West
Adam Suttin
Wil Rukin
Kevin Waldman
Steve Krichmar


Ongi and Danny Ungar
Beth and Larry Greenberg
Linda and Michael Frieze
Hagit and Oren Zeev
Alan Schall
Christine and Robert Small
Jen and Jon Block
Alyssa and Gregory Pool
Jessica and David Aronoff
Joseph Gitler
Jonathan Koshitsky
Elizabeth and Dan Jick
Heather and Adi Rabinowitz
Mike Rashes
Sam Wilderman
Seth Finkelstein
Ben Bloomstone
Lori and Matthew Sidman
Debra and Eitan Milgram
Sarah and David Nanus
Jody Rochwarger and David Perla

Philanthropic Investors- Individuals

Swartz Family
Terrie and Brad Bloom
Marianne and Doron Livnat
Jeannie and Jonathan Lavine
Barbara and Ed Shapiro
Jennifer and Scott Tobin
Tracey and David Frankel
Sarah and Mark Zimman
Dan Farb
Jessica and Chuck Myers
Rom Company
Harley and Eli Ungar
Mordechai Rosenberg
Rivka Saker and Uzi Zucker
Ellen and Steve Segal
Samantha and James David
Benny Levin 
Benny Schnaider
Itzik Danzinger
Yodfat Harel Buchris and 
Pinchas Buchris

Governmental Partners and
Philanthropic Foundations 

Governmental Partners

Ministry of Interior
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Justice

Philanthropic Foundations 

One8 Foundation
Klarman Family Foundation
Maimonides Fund
UJA Federation of New York
Russell Berrie Foundation
Rothschild Caesarea Foundation
Schusterman Foundation
Glazer Foundation
Friend Family Foundation
Morris Family Fund
Aronson Family Foundation
Lion Family Foundation
Azrieli Foundation
Fisher Family Foundation
Gutwirth Foundation
Paley Family Foundation
Anonymous Foundation

MAOZ strives to build an investor base, with individuals and foundations, Israelis and partners abroad that values transparency, accountability and diversity. As such, no single MAOZ investor, individual or foundation, is able to invest more than 20% of the annual budget. We invite stakeholders to join the MAOZ network in an effort to strengthen the socio-economic resilience of the State of Israel.

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