MAOZ Network

The MAOZ Network is a network of mamlachti (striving for the common good) changemaking leaders, working together and striving to advance the socio-economic resilience of the State of Israel. Network members have participated in a Fellows program at MAOZ in order to build trust and a language of leadership in practice among members; they are leaders in key positions, who have a broad span of influence, from diverse populations and employment sectors. Together, with the MAOZ Network members, we strive to create platforms to advance professional challenges, encourage personal development, drive forward social change initiatives and build partnerships among all network members.


    Medical Advisor To Director General, Ziv Medical Center

  • Shmuel Abramson

    Head of Research, The National Economic Council, Prime Minister’s Office

  • Yusuf Abu-Ja’far

    Treasurer of the Hura Regional Council

  • Arik Adler

    Director of Finance and Human Resources in the Bnei Brak Municipality

  • Shilo Adler

    Director General of the Judea and Samaria Council

  • Efrat Afek

    Deputy Director, 'Cadets for Civil Service'

  • Yaser al-Amur

    Internal Auditor and Ombudsman, al-Kasom Regional Council

  • Mahmud Alamour

    Director of the Rayan Center for Promoting Employment in the Bedouin Community in the Negev (Southern Israel)

  • Mhammad Albadour

    Internal Auditor, Tel Sheva Local Council and Laqye Local Council

  • Pazit Gabai Algi

    Research and Development Division in Ministry of Education

  • Raaje Alkarem

    School Principal, Ort School - Abu Talul, Ort Israel

  • Benny Alon

    CEO of the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yafa Chairman of CEO Forum at Association College Heads Israel

  • Erez Amber

    Principal, Reut School, Jerusalem

  • Ilil Amir-Kasif

    Program Director, Rothschild Caesaria Foundation

  • Rida Anabosi

    Partner, Anabseh & Co. Legal firm

  • Dafna Appel

    Managing Partner at Gravograph Israel Technologies Lt.

  • Liat Amar Aran

    Director of Hetz Rehabilitation Center, Lecturer at the Ben Gurion University School of Social Work,

  • Yodfat Afek Arazi

    Senior Deputy Director, The Government Companies Authority (GCA), Ministry of Finance


    Acting Head of the Policy Planning Department, Ministry of Health

  • Uri Arbel-Gantz

    Director of the Education Department, Ramat Hasharon Municipality

  • Hadar Gur Arie

    CEO, McCann Valley, Mitzpe Ramon

  • Anat Asraf

    Director of Municipal Elections Department, Ministry of Interior

  • Ilan Avitan

    Director of the Ministry of Social Services, of 'Maor' affairs

  • Shlomi Avni

    Founder & CEO, 'NIRIM in the Neighborhoods'

  • Naftali Avraham

    CEO, Tech Career

  • Shlomi Avramzon

    Senior Deputy to the State Attorney, Incitement and Security Issues, Ministry of Justice – State Attorney

  • Shai Babad

    Director General of the Ministry of Finance

  • Hussam Abu baker

    Director, Nazareth Branch, The National Insurance Institute

  • Asaf Baner

    Founder and CEO, 'Teach First Israel' ('Chotam')

  • Edit Bar

    Director of the Economic Development Administration at the Ministry of Interior

  • Alona Bar-On

    Joint Chair, 'Globes' and Managing Partner,'Bait VeGag' Investment Fund

  • Nir Bartal

    Head of Ornit Municipality

  • Noga Gil Bassi

     Director of the Education and Community Division, Valley of the Springs Educational Council

  • Ifat Bechor

    Executive Director, Birthright Israel Excel

  • Moshe Beeri

    CEO, Tzohar

  • Yonatan Ben-Dor

    CEO, IsraelGives

  • Liran Avisar Ben-Horin

    CEO, 'MASA Israel'

  • Ofir Ben-Porat

    Principle of Sde Boker Field School

  • Michael Ben-Shitrit

    Independent, Organizational consultant and Lecturer

  • Ilan Ben-Yaakov

    Pedagogic Director, MindCET

  • Or Benjamin

    Managing Director, Israel at The Good Food Institute

  • Ofer Berkovitch

    Deputy Mayor, Jerusalem & Director Awakening in Jerusalem

  • Dganit Biderman

    Founder and CEO, Lehetiv

  • Dganit Biderman

    Founder and CEO, Lehetiv

  • Etty Binder

    Chief Inspector of the Ultra-Orthodox District, Ministry of Education

  • Shmuli Bing

    Director of Yemin Orde Youth Village

  • Inbar Yehezkli Blilious

    Senior Advisor to the Minister of Finance, Ministry of Finance

  • Avital Blonder

    CEO & Founder, Jindas: Urban Regeneration in Lod

  • Menachem Bombach

    Executive Director, Torah Academy

  • Lina Bullus

    Head of Regev, Director of Etgarim Program, Saknin Academic College for Teacher Education. Head of the Foreign Relations, MOE.

  • Nir Casspi

    CEO and Founder, Landwer Coffee Company

  • Gil Chadash

    Manager, Academia-Classroom, Mofet Institute

  • Gilad Chitayat

    CEO and Founder of Botanima, for CBD Products in the U.S.

  • Oren Cohen

    Chief of Staff for the Director General, Prime Minister's Office

  • Talia Cohen

    Vice President and Head of Traffic Control System Department, Ayalon Highway

  • Fadwa Dabbour

    Secretary General, Beit Jann Regional Council

  • Eilon Dachbash

    Head of Business Development Division, Bank Leumi

  • Shirel Dagan-Levy


  • Roei Dahan

    Senior Director, Development and Planning of Human Capital in the Local Government, Ministry of Interior

  • Ayelet Daliot

    Director of Educational Training and Development Division and Advisor on Gender Equality, Ra'anana Municipality

  • Harel Damty

    Director of Division A (transportation inspector), Ministry of Transport and Road Safety

  • Nasrin Siqar Daqasah

    Daliyat al-Karmel Local Council Engineer

  • Yosefa Dar

    CEO, The Fund for Innovative Education

  • Gilles Darmon

    CEO, Lavi Capital Ltd. and Founder of Latet

  • Tzvika Davidi

    Treasurer of Kiryat Malakhi Municipality

  • Tamir Dayan

    Tel Aviv Convention Center, CEO

  • Asher Dolev

    CFO Digital Israel National Bureau, Ministry of Social Equality

  • Michael Yosef Dor

    Deputy Director, Education Ways Network

  • Morris Dorfman

    Head of the Regulation Division, Ministry of Health

  • Yael Doron-Drori

    Innovation & Education consultant Independent

  • Hagai Dror

    Director, Government to Government (G2G) Health Cooperation Directorate, Ministry of Health in Israel & Managing Director, Healthcare Israel

  • Rani Dudai

    Executive Director at JDC Institute for Leadership and Governance

  • Gali Shahar Efrat

    VP, Social-Business Development, Rashi Foundation

  • Nurit Felter Eitan

    Head of the Strategic, Public Relations & International Affairs Department, PUA - Public Utility Authority - Electricity Regulation

  • Dani Elazar

    Executive Director, Hand in Hand

  • Sawsan Elkassem

    Judge, Haifa District Labor Court

  • Fadi Elobra

    Founder and CEO, TalenTeam – Placement of Arab Academics

  • Netanel Elyashiv

    Educational Director, Bnei David Eli Pre-Army IDF Preparatory Yeshiva & Writer & Publisher

  • Ben Erely

    Principle, Ein Gedi High School

  • Moshiko Erez

    CEO, Kadima-Tzuran Regional Council

  • Havi Eyal

    CEO of the Jordan Valley Regional Council Community Center

  • Dganit Fahima

    Senior Director at the Haredi Sports Department, Jerusalem Municipality

  • Rana Fahum

    Chief Inspector, Jerusalem District, Ministry of Education

  • Mohana Farres

    Director of the National Programs Division, Ministry of Education

  • Dana Finenik

    Mandel Center Fellow, Reform Leader in Professional Education, Employment and Social Affairs Department

  • Benny Fisher

    Vice President, ATID Education and Schools Network

  • Roni Flamer

    CEO, 'Or Movement'

  • Uri Fleischman

    CEO and Head Legal Advisor, Nurses’ Union, Histradrut Labor Federation

  • Roy Folkman

    Member of Parliament (Knesset), Kulanu Party

  • Orli M. Frenkel

    Medical Advisor, Chief Physician’s Office, Clalit Health Services

  • Raz Froilich

    CEO, Israel Community Centers Association

  • Shai Fruchtman

    Director of Education Department, Even Yehuda Municipality

  • Tamir Gabai

    CEO, Tel Aviv Convention Center

  • Hadas Gabay-Larom

    CEO, Nova Organization

  • Ronny Linder Ganz

    Health Policy Reporter and Columnist, TheMarker – Haaretz

  • Eti Geffen

    Director of the Community and Welfare Department at the Emek Yizrael Regional Council

  • Nechami Genis

    CEO, Ayalim Foundation

  • Lilach Geva

    CEO of Katzrin Local Council

  • Ori Gil

    Head of Civil Society Department for Elka Institute for Leadership and Government, JDC Israel

  • Amir Ginosar

    Head of Export and Foreign Trade, Agricultural Department

  • Eitan Ginzburg

    Mayor, Ra'anana

  • Inbar Harush Gity

    CEO, Aharai! & CEO "Pnima"


    Medical Advisor to Hospital Management, Sheba Medical Center

  • Yair Goldman

    Director of the Operations Division, Lod Municipality

  • Ofira Goldwasser

    Director of Management Human Resources and Welfare Manager Osem Group

  • Yisrael Golomb

    Executive Director of the Kindergartens, Agudat Yisrael, Coordinator of the Forum of Haredi Local Municipalities

  • Ayelet Golomb-Pelner

    Attorney, Agamon and Co. Rosenberg and Hacohen.

  • Dasi Gordon

    CEO, Community Administration in Jerusalem, IACC Israel Association of Community Centers Ltd.

  • Hoshea Gottlieb

    Prime Minister's Office

  • Amit Granek

    Municipal Programs and Strategy, Russell Berrie Foundation

  • Shmuel Greenberg

    Deputy Mayor, Beit Shemesh Municipality

  • Yoni Greifman

    General Manager, Uber Israel, Uber

  • Tal Ben Guigui

    COO, Nirlat

  • Ibrahim Habib

    Director, Five-Year Plan for Development of Bedouin Community in the North, Ministry of Social Equality

  • Adi Hachmon

    Deputy Director of Budgets (Infrastructure), Budget Division, Ministry of Finance

  • Nir Hacohen

    CEO, Beit Berl College

  • Yafit Haikin

    Director, A.T.I.D Israel Program

  • Nasreen Hadad Haj-Yahya

    Director - The Project for Arab-Jewish Relations, the Israeli Democracy Institute

  • Jawhar Halabi

    Treasurer, Ariel Municipality

  • Michal De Hann

    Pedagogic Vice President, Religious (Mamlachti-Dati) Education Administration, Ministry of Education

  • Fayez Hanna

    Superintendent Haifa District, Ministry of the Interior

  • Limor Harel

    The Prime Minister's Office

  • Abed El Jabar Hasdia

    Deputy Commissioner of the Capital Market, Insurance and Savings, Capital Market Authority, Ministry of Finance

  • Adel Hatib

    Deputy Director Northern District, The Israel Association of Community Centers (IACC)

  • Tomer Heimann

    Head of Engineering Administration, Ra'anana Municipality

  • Ori Herman

    Manager, Cybereason TLV Site

  • Moshe Hershkovitz

    Principal of the Pardes Hanna Agricultural School


    Deputy Director General, Soroka Medical Center, Clalit Health Services

  • Dorit Hizi

    Social Science Doctorate Candidate

  • Shahar Rachela Horev

    Head of the Strategy and Planning Unit, CIBT Ministry of Defense

  • Itay Ben Horin

    Founder and CEO, Ben Horin & Alexandrovitz Strategy, Communications and Crisis Management

  • Yarden Ben Horin

    Head of Students’ Division, Davidson Institute of Science Education

  • Ehab Hoseen

    Deputy CEO and Chief Resource Officer, Babcom Centers

  • Tair Ifergan

    Head of the National Institute for Technology and Science, Ministry of Economy and Industry

  • Udi Izak

    Director, Education Department, Megilot Dead Sea Municipality

  • Samah Heib jaljoli

    Director of the Rayan Regional Center, Tira – Al-Fanar

  • Mariam Kabaha

    Commisioner of Social Equality at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services

  • Ghalia Abu Kaff

    Vice President, Rayan Center in the Negev, Alfanar


    Deputy to the Head of Public Health Services, Ministry of Health

  • Sigal Kanotopsky

    CEO, Olim Beyahad

  • Yoram Karin

    Head of Council, Emek Mayanot (Valley of the Spring) Regional Council

  • Aharon Karish

    MAOZ Fellows Program Director

  • Oz Katz

    Head of the Environment and Sustainable Development Administration Ministry of Economy and Industry

  • Einat Katz-Sharony

    Program Director, Institute for Leadership and Governance, JDC Israel

  • Aviya Kedri

    Director of the Social Services Department, Gush Etzion Regional Council

  • Orit Keller

    Director of Educational Welfare Department, Tel Aviv Municipality

  • Roaa Khater

    Director of the Education Department, Mas’ade Local Council

  • Yair Kirschboim

    CEO of Modi’in Illit municipality


    Deputy Director at Wolfson Medical Center

  • Dr. Adi Koll

    Dean, The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC)

  • Tal Lagziel

    Founder and Manager of an Algorithmic Hedge Fund

  • Tom Lahad

    Vice President, Business Operations MAOZ

  • Hadas Lahav

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Yediot Aharonot

  • Ofir Lahav

    Vice President Budgeting Research Department, Ministry of Immigration and Absorption

  • Aya Laor

    Vice President, Operations at Economic Development Kfar Saba

  • Rivka Laufer

    Coordinator for Land Planning and Environmental Protection, Budget Division, Ministry of Finance

  • Anat Nehemia Lavee

    CEO, The Israeli Public Forum - Youth Villages and Boarding Schools for Children at Risk


    Deputy Director General, Carmel Medical Center, Clalit Health Services

  • Sivan Lehavi

    Director of Budgets Division, Ministry of Interior

  • Uri Leventer-Roberts

    Executive Director of the Israel Office, UJA-Federation of New York

  • Adi Leviatan

    Partner at McKinsey & Company

  • Malachi Levinger

    Mayor, Kiryat Arba Municipal Council

  • Nir Levinger

    CEO, The Sales and Distribution Company, Coca Cola Group in Israel

  • Noa Litmanovitz

    Senior Advisor to the Director General, Ministry of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water Resources

  • Einav Lock

    Director of the Department for Support and Prevention Programs, Psychological Counseling Services Division, Ministry of Education


    Executive Medical Advisor, Rambam Health Care Campus, Haifa

  • Limor Luria

    Deputy Head of the Pensioners Administration and Director of Disability Division, National Insurance Institute

  • Walid Majadla

    Education Department Director, Baqa al-Gharbiyye Municipality

  • Efrat Makin

    Chief Resilience Officer (100 resilient cities pioneered by the Rockefeller foundation) For Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality

  • Yariv Man

    Director of the Economic and Social Development Department -- The Bedouin Community in the Negev, the Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry

  • Avraham Manela

    CEO, Jewish Burial Society (Hevre Kadisha) Tel Aviv-Jaffa

  • Dafna Maor

    Director of Labor Market Integration for Individuals with Disabilities, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

  • Orly Friedman Marton

    Head of Legal and Corporate Affairs, Microsoft Israel

  • Saloa Masaroa

    Head of Human Resources and Payroll Department and Women’s Advancement Consultant, Tayibe

  • Sonia Massoud

    Director, Deloitte

  • Rachel Matar-Sacofsky

    Head of Department for Delayed Proceedings, Ministry of Justice

  • Ayala Mayer

    Head of Services for Individuals and Families, Ministry of Welfare and Social Services

  • Elisheva Mazya

    CEO, Khan Theatre

  • Arnon Meir

    Director of Impact and Government Relations at the Israel Democracy Institute

  • Eilat Cohen Melkman

    Legal Advisor, Ministry of Education

  • Sefi Mendlovic

    Deputy Director, Sha'are Zedek Medical Center

  • Dudi Mizrachi

    Director of Economics and Budgeting Administration, Ministry of Education

  • Hagar Mizrahi

    Medical Advisor Executive, Baruch Padeh Medical Center in Poriya

  • Merav Morad

    Director of the Urban Planning Department, Beersheba Municipality

  • Lara Mubaraki

    Head of Arab Education Division, the Jerusalem Education Administration, Jerusalem Municipality

  • Salima Mustafa-Suliman

    Director of the Regional Development Division, the Authority for Economic Development at the Ministry for Social Equality

  • Haim Nargasi

    Head of the Attorney General’s Office and Deputy Legal Advisor at Jerusalem Municipality

  • Shirin Natour-Hafi

    Principal, ORT School

  • Keren Naveh

    Director of the Israel Project, The University of Texas at Austin A&M

  • Shira Navon

    VP of Budgeting, Council for Higher Education

  • Yael Neeman

    Executive Director, Lautman Foundation

  • Iris Nehemia

    Vice President Strategic Planning, Israeli Civil Service Commission, Prime Minister's Office

  • Alon Nevet

    Medical Advisor to Director General, Hillel Yaffe Medical Center

  • Yael Israeli Nevo

    Head of Legal Advice in Salaries Department, Ministry of Finance

  • Ziv Nevo

    Director of Global Software Engineering Department, Intel

  • Ilana Nolman

    Head of the Administration for Residential Settlement Boarding School and Youth Aliya Youth Village, Ministry of Education

  • Yariv Nornberg

    Head of Representative Office, Julius Baer and Co. Ltd Bank

  • Ibrahim Nsasra

    Social and Economic Entrepreneur, Founder and Executive Manager, Tamar Center

  • Sari Nuriel

    Executive Director, Zionism 2000

  • Tal Ohana

    Head of the City Council, Yeruham Municipality

  • Hadas Ovdat

    Director, Mifam (The Education and Development Centers System of the Interior Ministry) - Hashfela Region

  • Ofir Paldi

    CEO, 'Shamayim' (‘Sky’)

  • Tamar Peled-Amir

    Head of 'Atudot le'Israel' Department' Prime Minister's Office

  • Dudu Peretz

    CEO of Emek HaYarden Regional Council

  • Osher Perry

    Former VP International Marketing, Autoagronom

  • Amit Persiko

    Maoz Network Manager

  • Keren Petel

    CEO of Merom HaGalil Regional Council

  • Eitan Petigro

    Head of Shoham Council

  • Chagai Philipson

    Senior VP Human Capital and Managers, Ministry of Transport and Road Safety

  • Yair Pines

    Deputy Director, Israel Lands Authority

  • Shira Berliner Poleg

    Head of Haredi Employment Field, Ministry of Economy

  • Sharon Alroy Preis

    Quality and Patient Safety Division Director, Carmel Medical Center, Clalit Health Services

  • Boaz Raday

    CEO, 'Impact'

  • Michal Raikin

    Director of 'Cadets for Municipal Government’

  • Zion Regev

    Director of East Jerusalem Five-Year Education Plan

  • Ehud (Udi) Remer

    Global Business Development Manager, Mobileye

  • Amir Reshef

    Energy Coordinator, Budget Division, Ministry of Finance

  • Oded Revivi

    Mayor, Efrat Regional Council

  • Shirley Rimon

    Head of Education Administration, Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality

  • Eyal Ronen

    Director of the Urban Planning Department, Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

  • Adi Rosenberg

    Director of Strategic Planning, Yeruham Local Council

  • Sivan Rosenblum

    Deputy Director of Education Department, Bat Yam Municipality

  • Miri Rozen

    CEO and Founder, LeShma Foundation

  • Vardit Rozenblum

    Head of Program for Haredi Women, Lawyer, Rabbinical Pleader

  • Yaron Rozenthal

  • Dani Rozner

    Projects Manager in Education and Civil Society, Ministry of Education

  • Shahar Rubinstein

    CEO, Kedma Youth Village

  • Amir Sabhat

    Director of Business Development (Medicine and Health), Ethiopia and Africa


    Head of the Department of Family Medicine, Maccabi Healthcare Services

  • Aharon Safrai

    General Manager, Avratech

  • Osnat Saporta

    Lecturer and Entrepreneur of Educational Administrative Initiatives

  • Kawtar Sarsur

    Director of the National Program for Children and Youth At-Risk in Kafr Qasem, Jaljulia and Kafr Bara

  • Avi Cohen Scali

    Director General of the Ministry of Social Equality

  • Lea Schechter

    Head of Human Resources Department at Bnei Brak Municipality

  • Na’ama Schultz

    Head of Strategy ,Yesh-Atid Party

  • Maya Schwartz

    Head of R&D Unit, Avney-Rosha, the Israeli Institute for School Leadership

  • Yisrael Schwebel

    Wolfson Foundation

  • Era Segev

    Senior Advisor to Director General of Employment Services

  • Omer Segev

  • Tomer Segev

    Independent System Engineering and Photonics Professional

  • Yakir Segev

    CEO, Each on From his Place (Kol Ehad MeMeKomo) Foundation

  • Efrat Segev

    VP Business Development, Dun & Bradstreet Israel

  • Yifat Sela

    CEO, Aluma

  • Gal Shacham

    Owner and CEO for Italian Logistic company named DELTA NOVEL

  • Sara Shadmi-Wortman

    Chair, KAMA Center for Community, Leadership and Inspiration, Oranim College; Academic Director, Hotam - Teach First Israel

  • Yair Shahal

    Secretary-General, Bnei Akiva Movement Israel

  • Rachel Berner Shalem

    Deputy Director of Strategy, Ministry of Health

  • Nasrin Shami

    CEO and Founder, FORSA Foundation - organizational consultation services

  • Yehiel “Hili” Shamir

    Legal Counsel, Histadrut

  • Asa Shapira

    CEO, Nudge - Behavior Design

  • Shira Shapira

    Deputy Head, Ministry of Heritage

  • Efrat Shaprut

    CEO, The Opportunity Fund to Advance Civic Service

  • Salam Sharkiaa

    Marketing Manager, Coca Cola Israel

  • Ayal Shaul

    Head of Development and Learning Department, Avney Rosha

  • Alma Shiran

    Director of Southern Community Administration, Tel Aviv - Yafo Municipality

  • Roni Shoob

    Owner and manager, Matzpen - Center for Career Development and Employment Consultation for ultra-Orthodox Women

  • Tal Shtainman

    Deputy General Public Sector, Microsoft

  • Lior Shtul

    CEO, Bnei David Institute

  • Eshkol Shukron

    CEO, Golan Regional Council

  • Guy Simchi

    Supervisor of the Employment of People with Disabilities, Histadrut- National Labor Organization

  • Sima Simon

    Manager, Educational Cities Ltd

  • Ari Singer

    Owner and Director of a Diamond Trading Company

  • Riki Siton

    Project Manager in Havruta, Ayelet Hashahar Foundation

  • Ori Sobovitz

    Chief -of-Staff and Head of Government and Authority Relations, OurCrowd

  • Shai-Lee Spigelman

    CEO of Digital Israel, National Digital Bureau, Ministry of Social Equality Digital lsrael, Ministry of Social Equality

  • Guy Spigelman

    Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR)

  • Yehuda Spitzer

    CEO of Beitar Illit Municipality

  • Itamar Sternberg

    Representative of Executive Branch, World Zionist Organization in Latin America

  • Michal Tabibian-Mizrahi

    Director for Department 'Cadets for Municipal Government'

  • Benayahu Tabila

    Chief Inspector of Boys’ High Schools in the Ultra-Orthodox District, Ministry of Education

  • Karen Tal

    CEO, Insights in Education ('Tovanot B’chinuch')

  • Yair Tal

    CFO - Dirah Lehascir (Apartment for Rent) Housing and Rental Governmental Organization

  • Hussein Tarabia

    CEO of Environmental Towns Association – Beit Netofa Basin

  • Yair Tarchitsky

    Chairman, Union of Journalists in Israel (in Partnership with the Histadrut), & Co-Founder, The Movement for Public Journalism

  • Liza Tavori

    Head of Human Resources Operations and Dairies Divisions, Tnuva

  • Fares Tawil

    Director of Authorized Non-Official Education Institutions Licensing Division, Ministry of Education

  • Keren Terner

    Director General of the Ministry of Transportation

  • Zehava Tesfay

    Director of Programs Department, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

  • Hagai Toledano

    Head of Urban Renewal, Ministry of Construction and Housing

  • Avremi Torem

    Commission for Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Ministry of Justice

  • Hassan Towafra

    Deputy Director of National Electric Company, Government Companies Authority (GCA)

  • Itay Tzahar

    CEO, Kfar Saba Municipality

  • Michael Vole

    Director, The Department of Community Planning and Development, Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

  • Ronny Weinberger

    Manager, IT Groups and Instructor, Communication Specialist, Mentor, Coacher & Motivational Speaker, Intel

  • Avrami Mordechai Weinberger

    Deputy Director of the Social Services Department for Finance, Bnei Brak Municipality

  • Roy Wiesner

    Managing Director & COO, aMoon Fund

  • Noam Wiezner

    Senior Advisor to the Director General, Ministry of Health

  • Osnat Wolf

    Head of Human Resources Department, Emek Hefer Regional Council

  • Yosi Yadin

    Vice President, Sales Division Europe and Africa, NICE Systems

  • Rotem Yadlin

    Head of Gezer Reginal Council

  • Matan Yaffe

    Founder and CEO, Desert Stars

  • Avi Yalou

    Network Manager, Olim Beyahad

  • Ella Yarnitsky

    Vice President Human Resources, Israel Community Centers Association

  • Yaffa Mor- Yashar

    District Inspector of the Jerusalem Education Administration, Ministry of Education

  • Einat Yashpe

    Director of the Educational Psychological Service, Bnei Brak Municipality

  • Udi Yerushalmi

    CEO, Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT)

  • Yaara Yeshurun

    Head Hunter at MAOZ, Deputy Mayor of Mazkeret Batya

  • Shmuel Yilma

    Senior Community Development and Health Promotion Manager, JDC-Israel

  • Ruwayda Younis

    CEO of Arara Local Council

  • Mary Youssef

    Manager, Human Resources, Ministry of Justice

  • Hudi Zack

    Chief Executive Director, Technology Unit at Israel National Cyber Directorate

  • Ifat Zamir

    CEO Israel Organization for Transparency

  • Asaf Zamir

    Deputy Mayor, Tel Aviv – Jaffa Municipality

  • Meirav Zarbiv

    Director of R&D, Experimentation and Entrepreneurship Department, Ministry of Education

  • Naama Ben Ze’ev

    Deputy Director Urban Regeneration, Ezra Bitzaron

  • Omri Zegen

    Vice President, Research and Development, Rashi Foundation