ADVOT is a joint venture between the Ministry of Education and MAOZ, whose goal is to create a management pipeline for tri-sector professionals across Israel’s education system. The program endeavors to create a shared language around the education system’s core challenges, to increase trust between senior and diverse players in the system’s various focus points of influence, develop existing leaders within the educational system and create a network of change-making leaders that collaborate to create meaningful change.

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ADVOT Joint Venture Vision

Educational leadership that is collaborating to tackle the challenges facing the education system in Israel, while striving to create a shared language and prepare the system for a dynamic, unexpected and changing future.

Program Goals

Network of Influential Leaders

Building a network of influential leaders that promote mamlachtiut (common good behaviors and actions) in the education system.

Effective Change Processes

Leading and promoting effective change processes in the education system.

Systemic Vision and Trust

Promoting a systemic vision and trust between different organizations and communities within the education system represented by tri-sector fellows and network members.

Professional Skills

Developing fellows and network members’ personal and professional skills, with an emphasis on leadership capabilities and systemic organizational management skills

Program Content

Approximately seven weeks of intensive learning spread throughout the year, including two weeks in the U.S., one of them at Harvard Business School (or another prestigious academic institution).

“Training on the job” format that allows the fellows to continue working while participating in the program, allowing them to immediately apply their knowledge and skills to real-world situations.

Getting to know the public sphere at the community, municipal, national and international levels, while addressing identity issues with an emphasis on the world of education.

Familiarity with various influential government agencies in the education system, conducting lectures and workshops on leading change, etc.

Peer learning and shared consultation about challenges faced by the fellows in their professional positions.

Dedicated accelerator program that includes the provision of professional tools, resources, and expert consultation to accelerate change-process projects.

Admissions process

A synchronized admissions process across the ADVOT, MAKOM and MAOZ Employment Venture, in order to pool resources and enable an ideal match between candidates and programs, will open in Spring 2020.


  • Physical attendance on the assessment day and the admissions committee is a prerequisite for continuing the process! At the advanced stages of the process, applicants will be asked to present a supervisor’s approval to join the program.
  • The admissions process dates (evaluation days and admissions committees) are not final and are subject to change.

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