A Network of Leaders

that promotes mamlachtiut (common-good actions) and endeavors to strengthen Israel’s socio-economic resilience across all of Israeli society.


A network of leaders from all population groups and sectors of Israeli society, in collaboration with Atudot Le'Israel, that builds trust among decision-makers and creates changes and multi-sector solutions for citizens and systems in four core areas: local governance, health, education, and employment


The promotion of socio-economic resilience is a complex challenge

which requires multi-sectoral and systemic collaboration, as well as determined leadership that promotes real-world solutions

Socio-economic resilience and trust are inter-related

Trust is the infrastructure for promoting cross-system collaboration and solutions, and its absence creates siloed work that hinders the potential for change.

It is possible to increase trust

by increasing one's awareness of the other through their stories, driving diversity, improving professionalism and ethics, and by promoting a concept of shared responsibility. These are the principles of mamlachtiut promoted by MAOZ.

Actions that increase trust between leaders and decision-makers will echo

to additional circles in the Israeli society and serve as a basis for cooperation and solutions in reality.


Recruitment and admission

of diverse, high-caliber candidates who have the potential to lead socio-economic change in Israel

Training and development

Training and development of leaders and establishing trust among them through the four MAOZ Fellows programs, created through the Atudut Le’Israel framework


Building a diverse, multi-disciplinary Network, increasing trust among its members, supporting life-long learning and development and establishing meaningful collaborations between them.

Accelerating socio-economic change processes based on data

in the strategic focus areas of the Network members

Spreading the mamlachti (common-good actions) discourse

among leaders and organizations in Israel via Echo programs and storytelling through Network members' organizations

Learning and modeling

MAOZ’s approach of trust building mamlachtiut (common-good actions)

Atudot Le'Israel Partnership - for details, press here


In 2016, the Israeli government approved Atudot Le’Israel, a strategic plan to build human capital reserves for the public service sector in Israel. The program draws on the need to develop leadership reserves and enable leaders to work optimally as a network in several defined areas, such as welfare, cross-sectoral systems, local government, education and healthcare.
MAOZ operates through four joint ventures under this government decision and in partnership with the Israel Atudot Department in the Prime Minister’s Office: the INBAR

Joint Venture partners with the Ministry of Health, the ADVOT Joint Venture with the Ministry of Education, the MAKOM Joint Venture with the Ministry of Interior and the Employment Joint Venture with the Labor Branch in the Ministry of Labor, Welfare & Social Services.
MAOZ seeks to strengthen trust between managers in positions of influence, develop their personal networks, strengthen their leadership and trust capacities, accompany them in promoting social change initiatives that they lead and spread the way trust is built to the ecosystems of other leaders who influence the socio-economic field.
Each joint venture is involved in building its own strategy, selecting its fellows, designing its content and selecting which social change initiatives to accompany. Each joint venture defines its own outcomes, as well as the content focus areas that it seeks to promote.
MAOZ defined four outcomes which it seeks to achieve in a cross-venture manner and as an expression of its goals as an organization that seeks to be effective and committed to improving Israel’s socio-economic reality.


Trust-Based Network

800 influential and diverse Network members with high social capital who work to advance socio-economic resilience based on their shared trust with one another
By 2023

Strengthening Capacities in the Network

400 influential Network members improve their trust-building and social change-leading capacities through ongoing learning initiatives
By 2023

Promoting Changes in Reality

200 social change initiatives led by Network members and accompanied by MAOZ which promote trust and increase socio-economic resilience. 30 of the 200 are systemic changes
By 2023

Spreading Trust

10,000 players in the socio-economic arenas are regularly exposed to knowledge and ideas in the field of trust-building
By 2023

Increased trust among leaders

from the health, education, employment, and local government systems by implementing mamlachti culture
By 2023

Improving the quality of life of Israeli citizens

in the fields of employment, local governance, health, and education
By 2023


Collaboration Starts with Face Masks

Adel Iktelat’s father passed away at the peak of the COVID-19 crisis. Almost immediately after the funeral, he got right to work on his life’s mission: to save his community and his home. Just then, as everyone kept their distance from one another, Adel, a senior Clalit HMO official and a fellow in MAOZ’s INBAR...

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A Story That Starts With Suspicion and Ends With Hope: An Inside Look at How the Ultra-Orthodox Society Dealt with COVID-19

Network member Kobi Rozenstein, the Director-General of the Darkei Yosher educational network and a creative social entrepreneur, gave us a peak into what a typical day in his crazy life looked like during the COVID-19 crisis, as well as shed some light on how the ultra-Orthodox society dealt with the coronavirus.

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What Does Local Leadership Look Like During the COVID-19 Crisis?

Yeruham Mayor Tal Ohana shares what the coronavirus looked like in Yeruham, what courageous decisions she made and what opportunities arose from the crisis.

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Network Connections in Two Minutes

The MAOZ Network’s greatest strength during this period is Network members’ connections to each other. So how did one message spark a massive medical supply-printing operation?

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The MAOZ Network & COVID-19

The MAOZ Network is at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19: 602 Network members from all professional fields, sectors and systems are promoting social change initiatives and solutions.

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